Lazos (Irene nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

Who said you have to chew your vegetables? With these 14 smoothie recipes, you'll increase your vegetable intake in a delicious way.

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There are two types - regular, which helps you to relax during the day or fall asleep in the evening - and strong, which says it will ensure you're well rested for the next day. If you're using it to aid sleep, it's recommended you drink it 30 minutes before bedtime.

Interestingly, the man behind the drink is Hans Vriens, the former managing director of Red Bull, which has the opposite effect on those who guzzle it down. Before you try it though bear in mind that Snoooze says it's not suitable for pregnant women or children, and it adds that it's not researched how the drink reacts with medication. Losing just TWO hours sleep is enough to affect your mood.

Plus, here is the exact time your children should go to bed. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team?

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Email us at money the-sun. A well-oaked, dry red, with a luscious nose and notes of black pepper on a background of tannins. A more mellow dry red, with hints of berry, cherry, tobacco, and a full mouth feel. A secret blend of grape varieties, lightly sweet, with an amazing explosion of fruits and berries, best chilled.

A soft, smooth, and rich red, very sweet, blended from another of our secret recipes, a local favorite. Floral, sweet, fruity, and crisp.


Excellent for those warm summer evenings. Hearty and delicious, red zinfandel with a cool pomegranate infusion. An amazing pairing of tart crisp lime, and smooth, semi-sweet white. Black-berries picked at our own farm, fermented, then blended into our red table wine.

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Think summertime Woo Hoo!!! Chardonnay with our own special recipe of jalapenos.

Sweet, amazingly rich, full-bodied, and with a nose to die for, this is the dessert wine of all dessert wines. There is only one seaport in Oklahoma.


There is only one Catoosa Port, too. If you are a port drinker, this is your choice. Rich, VERY full-bodied, creamy, and satisfying. Ice wine is made from frozen grapes, which concentrates the flavors into delicious mixtures of sweet, tart aromas.

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All the luscious flavor and mouth-feel of a chocolate-covered strawberry, and every bit as sensuous! Barrel-Aged Wisdom.

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