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Modify the files shell program you wrote in exercise 1 so that rather than count the number of files in the current directory it counts the number of files in the directory passed in as the first parameter. Modify the files shell program from exercise 2 so that it makes sure that the user passed only one parameter not 0 and not more than 1. If the user passed only one parameter it should carry out its normal operation.

What is a shell script?

If the user passed any other number of parameters it should display an error message and exit indicating it has failed. Modify the files shell program from exercise 3 so that it allows the user to specify multiple directory names. It is often the case that you need to ask a user whether or not to do something.

The function should set its exit status depending on whether the user answered positive or negative. In fact, some shells, like Scheme shell are meant to be used solely as scripting shells rather than interactive shells. Most Unix users use either emacs or xemacs or vim. For new users, the editor pico is popular, since it displays its short-cut keys like control-x for exit at the bottom.

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Emacs is really a Lisp interpreter inside of which a text editor and many other applications live. New users find some of these combinations complex at first. Even exiting the program is control-x control-c.

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Emacs is heavily customizable through scripts written in emacs lisp, a dynamically scoped variant of the Lisp programming language. To take the emacs tutorial, run emacs and press control-h and then hit t.

StayAhead UNIX Shell Programming Training Course

Vim an improved version of the original vi editor takes a different approach to editing text than most editors: typical user behavior is to toggle between an insertion mode and a command "normal" mode. In command mode, every key press might perform an editing operation on the file.


Complex changes take only a few keystrokes. To take the vim tutorial, run vim and then press :help tutor , or run vimtutor directly.

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  4. Configuration files for individual users live in their home directory, and by convention, have a. The site dotfiles. It's a great way to see how other people customize their Unix environment. To customize bash, add commands to run every time you login to a bash shell in.

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    For instance, I have an alias set in my. For example, if I want to check the amount of free disk space on might. Much of the Unix environment is customized through environment variables. Many standard environment variables are set in the shell initialization files.

    What is UNIX?

    When writing shell scripts, environment variables also play the same roll as regular variables in ordinary programming languages. When a one program invokes another program, the child program receives all of the exported environment variables of the parent. To customize the prompt, the PS1 variable controls the look and feel under Bourne-compatible shells, while the prompt variables does the same for C-shell-compatible shells.

    Every advanced Unix user has invested in prompt customization well past the point of diminishing returns. You may need to then alias ls to ls --color or ls -G depending on your Unix flavor. To control colors in the prompt, there are shell-specific methods best learned by Google, trial and error. After settling into Unix, you ought to investigate software development under Unix; customizing a window manager for X; and the art of Unix systems administration. Interactive shells Your interactive shell determines the command-line dialect you will use to interact with your machine.