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Made with gin, dry and sweet vermouth with a lemon garnish, this cocktail will satisfy all your tastebuds so the book can keep you at the edge of your seat instead. Years later, the sparks between them burn as brightly as ever, but dark secrets — like the identity of his orphaned nephew — still linger. Fortunately, Officer Doug Murran is on the case. Still, their passion might not be enough to protect Elissa from a murderer…. Archaeologist Renee Dubois is used to digging up the past, not falling headlong into intrigues of the present. But trouble comes her way when she meets ex—Marine Carter Copeland, whose cool—and—collected demeanour contrasts with his lethally sexy looks.

As Carter and Renee stumble across a deadly secret, they must race against time to survive. Pulse-racing and clean, Medical obviously calls for a minty cocktail like a mojito. Made with Bacardi, mint, soda water, sugar and lime, this cocktail will make you feel reinvigorated and sparkling, healthily alive. Grace Gibson loves her job as a transplant coordinator at a Sydney hospital.

Will Grace be the woman to break down his walls and claim his heart? Darcey Howard has come to the beautiful seaside town of Seahaven for a fresh start. But her quiet, safe existence is shattered by gorgeous surgeon Daniel Osbourne. A soft, gentle cocktail for this series line is best — like an Angel Face. Innocent, but a little on the adventurous side. Made with gin, apricot brandy and Calvados, this cocktail is perfect for sating your sweet tooth.

But how can she dream of a future with Jax when her whole life is a lie? Lawyer Greer Templeton is there to help, after growing attached to little Layla during the search for her daddy. But does love factor into his Christmas promise?

Only so much she can deny an undeniable attraction. And only so many times she can relive their blazing night together. Their families are feuding, the gossips threatening her reelection, but nothing can keep her away. Is it desire…or is it gasp! We need a cocktail that will linger for a while — like true love.

A cocktail like an espresso martini. Comfortable and familiar, but will keep you going with vodka, a shot of espresso and coffee liqueur until the wee hours of the morning. Ciara Harris hoped her first Christmas working back at Loughmore Castle would mark a fresh start, but the return of Tom, now Duke of Bainsworth, threatens to uncover feelings she thought long-buried.

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Nothing says Australia like Bundaberg. This cocktail is perfect for sipping in the summer heat and reminiscing about fast-paced, sun-drenched love. From spicy to sweet, with a kick or a kiss, these cocktails will compliment your reading experience and transcend you into literary nirvana. Called on… Read more. Can a magical Christmas under glass…bring them back together for good?

Must Reads. Sep 27 by Romance. Series We Love. However, just as she thinks she has found a suitable match in suave Mr Manning, charismatic Captain Jem Ford walks back into her life, bringing with him all the embarrassment of her infatuation four years before! After a painful divorce Zoe Perkins has sworn off men. Until a car crash in Patras brings Andreas Gavras and his adorable toddler hurtling into her life!

Series We Love

Single dad Andreas knows exactly what he wants — Zoe as his bride. Can Zoe trust this gorgeous Greek with her bruised heart and agree to walk down the aisle? Reunited with her first love… for an unforgettable Christmas! Enter your details to get your weekly dose of ebook deals, romance news and competitions! Click here for Terms and Conditions. Must reads. Pop Culture Recaps. How, exactly, do these authors keep it up? Max looked at her. Jordan always begins, she says, with the issue the characters have to overcome in order to be together. For me a lot of the fun of writing comes from the problems I give the characters.

They have to deal with them in order to feel confident with the relationships they have," she says.

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In the book I've just finished, neither the hero nor the heroine want commitment. He's a bit of a playboy, she's quite withdrawn.

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It goes back to them both feeling abandoned by their parents. A "stay-at-home mom" in southern Oregon, Yates produces around 2, words a day. At the beginning, she went out to write in a coffee shop when her husband came home, but now she knows what she's doing, she'll write at home with the kids. Five books a year, she thinks, "is doable for me".

Then I think about who could come along and mess things up. In another of her novels, yet to be published, a career woman who wants to be a mother goes to a sperm bank, and mistakenly ends up with the hero's sperm — it was meant to be a sample for his wife, but she's passed away. Kendrick, who writes four romances a year, admits to getting ideas "all over the place", even through reading the Daily Mail.

Everyone knows the hero and heroine are going to end up married so really the only reason to read them, like all good books, is a compelling story. We are allowed as much artistic freedom as will work," she says. The plotline where the hero is trying to build a factory and the heroine is trying to save a rare toad is not a very sexy premise. And you wouldn't want a short fat balding hero — women know too many men like that. It drives me mad when people say 'don't you think you're deceiving women?

Once the conflict is in place, the writers look to identify their heroine.

ISBN 13: 9780263251593

While Kendrick admits that "It doesn't matter how you describe her, you'll always have a dead-ringer for Angelina Jolie minus the tattoos on the front cover," her heroines, she says, "are not always beautiful, and like most women are plagued by insecurities. I'm not very good at writing high-powered career women. It could be because I haven't had a high-powered career myself. But if she's a barrister or a newspaper editor, it wouldn't really be feasible — I want her to be spending time with the hero. She tends to have to be flexible. And if she's a chambermaid, if she's sacked it's not the end of the world. Jordan isn't so sure.

See a Problem?

I've tried them, but it doesn't fit me so well. I have had them with money problems, but with careers prior to money problems. I want them to assert themselves when necessary. However, Jordan, who's been writing romances for 33 years, usually makes her heroine either a virgin, or inexperienced. When my heroine meets the hero, she wants to go to bed with him.

For the reader, that's the mark of the effect he has on her. Because you've only got so many pages, it would be very difficult for me to create a heroine who's had lots of partners and immediately knew there was something different about this one. Then comes the hero. Sheikhs are popular, Jordan and Kendrick say, as are Italian billionaires, Greek tycoons and princes.

The sheikh, Kendrick says, "represents the ultimate female fantasy — dark, autocratic, completely powerful, outrageously chauvinistic". However, she says, "he often isn't predatory, as he doesn't need to be. For Jordan, the hero also has to have a charitable side. And they always like them to be well off. But for me he has to have some interest in charity, to do something for the good," she says. I don't like a hero without a softer side.