Lazos (Irene nÂș 1) (Spanish Edition)

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Anyone blessed with an artistic sensibility knows I did not have a choice in the matter. This vision simply had to be created.

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  • I cajoled my friends and hired a couple of actors from the local university and put them all in wings, elf ears and costumes. I then called a photographer I know from the wedding business, Elizabeth Messina, who was beyond kind enough to photograph my idea for me.

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    It looks like a movie set. Oh to have such a talent. Wish I could recreate the dresses for my friends wedding or at least be able to find something so spectacular in any bridal store. Your email address will not be published. From Tricia Fountaine: My all-time favorite story growing up was Peter Pan , I just loved that he could fly and lived in a magical land where there were faeries and mermaids.

    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. T these lines were seriously out of meter no matter how hard i tried to read this right, maybe re -look at these. A butterfly, wings delicate, Guided the Princess fair, Whose gown, bejewelled and intricate Was sewn by Mistress Hare.

    Magical Lighting at a Wedding Reception - Using Fairy Lights |

    Black Narcissus - A total joy to read. Tay - Wow, this was really good. Perfect picture for perfect poem. Your rhyming was kicked up a level and you made it work out wonderfully.

    Faery Wedding

    You were able to tell your story in such detail; I think that is what really caught my eye with this poem. As I read I could see the scenes play out in my mind. It's not often that a poet can tell their story in such detail with so few words. Great job, great write. They enjoyed it too and it brought on a bright and highly imaginary discussion of the wedding. In my opinion I think this would make a great children story. Lostinthesky - Wow, Congrats on them trophies, This piece deserved em'.. I think that this was a very good write and the imagery that you have in this was outstanding, There is nothing that I would change about this write, Thanks for entering.

    Wolf of the Shadow - Now this is a truly wonderful poem captivating all the way through with a great job of rhyming. White Wolf Woman - this is so loving and cute and so well done. Aalta - this really doesn't need a comment, it speaks for itself Well done.

    This was sweet and a little silly at the same time - a refreshing read. Good luck in the contest!!!! Klge - Magical and just absolutely lovely! The imagery and imagination are stunning. Deb loves this and so do I. CherryOnTop - This was an amaing enchanting magical poem.

    I am so sorry that I had to remove it from the contest. God Bless you Good moodlifter for my day, thank you. Tigertygre - A superbe and utterly glorious poem written from the imagination with sublime wizardry.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Purplegown - Beautiful! It sounded like a fairytale I'd read my kids before bed. Purrsanthema - Delightful! What an amazing poem! What wonderful imagination you have and how intricately worked this piece is!