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Rousseau insisted the play was serious and Alceste a hero, not a fool. Stephen Wadsworth. Wadsworth is The James S. Louis XIV played as hard as he worked, and though church and state were officially fused together, his court often seemed, and indeed was, surprisingly permissive.

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The Compagnie, obsessed with promoting religiously correct thought throughout French society, had spies reporting on every aspect of French life and lobbied heavily at court. Tartuffe went on in private at Versailles, but Louis dealt with the conservative outrage by moving to suppress public performances. This was Don Juan , a very plainspoken prose play with a free-thinking rationalist antihero downstage center.

It said a lot of very shocking things—about church and state, the rampant hypocrisy in both, money, freedom of thought and speech, and the prerogatives of the individual. It said them very directly, and it said them loudly, right in the public square. Don Juan made French theater outspokenly political for the first time. I'm sorry I'm not a professional Don Juan but I'm not normally that bad.

Trends of Don Juan.

Story of Don Juan

Nearby words of Don Juan. Quick word challenge Quiz Review. Je ne sais pas.

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Je ne sait pas. Check See the answer Next Next quiz Review. Here are a few suggestions to try! Read more. In this short article, we explain and provide some examples of the most common French verb tenses you'll come across.

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This version was in prose, instead of the also censored version by Thomas Corneille brother of Pierre Corneille which Corneille had versified. In addition to changing the style in which the play was written, Corneille had also changed certain aspects of the character of Dom Juan as well as the overall message; Dom Juan's philandering was enhanced and his story was pronounced to be more of a cautionary tale of what happened to those who weren't religious. In the twentieth century the play was performed often and has garnered great critical attention and admiration.

An uncensored version appeared in Amsterdam in However, the characters from the two plays differ in several aspects. However, his death comes sooner than expected and he finds that his attempts to repent and confess his sins are ineffective. In both plays the main character is condemned to Hell.

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The story of this play follows the last two days in the life of a young courtier, Don Juan Tenorio, a libertine, a seducer of women and an atheist. He is accompanied throughout the play by his valet, Sganarelle, a truculent, superstitious, cowardly, greedy fellow who engages with his master in intellectual debates.

Don Juan is presented as a character with many different facets to his personality that are exposed in the five acts of the play. In act 1, he is revealed to be an adulterer, and in act 2, the extent of his womanizing ways is displayed.

Don Juan aux enfers (Don Juan in Hell) by Charles Baudelaire

In act 3, he is presented as more altruistic and nonconformist, which contrasts with act 4, in which his problems with money and paternal disrespect are outed. Finally, in act 5, he undergoes what is revealed to be a fake rebirth into a religious man. The various settings are all in Sicily. In the garden of the palace, after a few words of appreciation for snuff tobacco, Sganarelle speaks with Gusman, who is the squire to Donna Elvira. Her primary concern is the abrupt departure of her new husband, Don Juan.

Sganarelle, not without pride, paints for Gusman a terrible portrait of Don Juan as a fickle, cynical disbeliever who should not be trusted by any woman.

Les Exploits d'un Jeune Don Juan (French Edition)

Gusman exits and Don Juan enters and argues with Sganarelle on the topic of marriage and amorous inconstancy, before revealing that he has fallen in love and has his sight set on someone new — a young, rustic bride-to-be. Donna Elvira then enters to challenge him to explain the reasons for his departure. His response leaves her angered. In the countryside a peasant, Pierrot, speaking in a rustic vernacular, tells Charlotte, his bride, the adventurous story of how he rescued Don Juan and Sganarelle who had both fallen in the lake when their boat capsized. Pierrot then exits to go "wet his whistle".

Don Juan and Sganarelle appear, and Don Juan then tells Charlotte he is in love with her and he persuades her to marry him. As he is about to kiss her hand a thousand times, Pierrot returns and intervenes. Mathurine then appears — she is yet another woman Don Juan has promised to marry.

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  6. Don Juan manages to inveigle his way out of this trouble, leaving both women to believe that all is well. A man enters with the news that Don Juan is in danger — twelve men on horseback are looking for him. Don Juan says to Sganarelle that they should exchange clothes with each other.

    Sganarelle says "Not likely", and they hurry off. Dom Juan enters dressed in a "country costume" and Sganarelle is dressed as a doctor. They are lost in a forest, when they encounter a man in rags. They ask him for directions. Learning that the poor man is religious and rather devout, Dom Juan tests his faith by offering him a gold piece to utter blaspheme, which he refuses to do. Then Dom Juan sees a gentleman being attacked by three robbers, so he draws his sword and come to the rescue.