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Miracles were and are a response to faith and its best encouragement. They were never wrought without prayer, felt need, and faith. It is important to notice the different names by which miracles are described. The following miracles are found in one Gospel only:. Miracles are a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. On this one day, you were to think of the blessings of the past week and look forward to those coming in the next.

It was a day set aside to forget your own ability and remember the Lord's ability. The Jubilee was the culmination of Sabbath days.

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It was a memorial to the grace of God, an entire year to remember the Lord's goodness during the forty-nine years since the last Jubilee. Over a generation had passed since then, so it was necessary to think of God's goodness passed on from one lifetime to the next. Every gift, spiritual and natural, comes to us from God's goodness and grace.

Have you ever noticed how the writers of the Gospels were so quick to point out whenever Jesus' miracles happened on the Sabbath? These authors never seemed to mention when miracles happened on a Tuesday!

This is because the Sabbath was a day when men were commanded not to work. If a healing or miracle took place, it had to be by the grace of God, because the Lord could not honor man's own efforts on that day.

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The religious leaders hated grace and so devised a plan to make it unlawful to heal on the Sabbath. Jesus was rebuked quite often for healing on that day. When Jesus healed a woman on the Sabbath, the people rejoiced, but the religious leaders became angry. Yet, the fact that miracles continued to happen confirmed that Jesus did not violate God's law, only man's law. He was not working; He was simply returning to man what was rightfully due.

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The court house must have been crowded when Jubilee began. People were pouring over old documents and deeds to find out what was rightfully theirs. If you had a deed, you could claim back your property. The present owners had no legal leg to stand on if a deed was presented. In the same way, you must go to your deed and find out what is legally yours through the blood of Jesus.

Your Jubilee was announced when you were born again. Your title deed is the Word of God, the Bible. God has promised to give you salvation in exchange for spiritual death, healing for sickness, deliverance for bondage, and joy for heaviness. There are multitudes of Scriptures on each of these areas. When you find a Scripture, you have the right to wave it in Satan's face and take back your healing, your joy, and your deliverance.

You also have the right to give Satan back his sickness, his sorrow, and his bondage. If Satan tries to tell you this won't last and you will have to be sick or depressed again, you can tell him that your deliverance is eternal. The Resurrection of Jesus was the trumpet blast announcing the arrival of our Jubilee, a Sabbath which will last forever.

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Demon possession and oppression are broken by the power of the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus Mark ; Acts 4. The Original Owners As Jesus listed each of the blessings of the "acceptable year of the Lord," He mentioned a blessing given in place of a curse. Search the Deed The court house must have been crowded when Jubilee began. Types of Grace CDs Sister Faustina, who attended these holy days, wrote in her diary that, during the liturgy, the arm of the Savior was moving and blessing all the people gathered there with the sign of the Cross.

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At that time, she had made her first vows as one of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. In , having professed her perpetual vows, she was directed by her superior to go to the convent house in Vilnius, where she lived until It was in Vilnius where she had more visions of Jesus, guided the painting of the image, and received from our Lord the message of His divine mercy for the world.

The pale ray symbolizes water cleansing the soul; the red symbolizes blood, the life of the spirit. The water, in turn, symbolizes the healing Sacraments of Baptism and Reconciliation while the blood points to the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. The Sacraments truly are springs of grace, refreshment, and healing in the life of the Christian.

In St. This prayer reminds us that trust is the key to live a life in union with God. Jesus promised an abundance of graces for those who will pray in front of this painting. He said to St. I also promise victory over [its] enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I Myself will defend [that soul] as My own glory.