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None of the studies found any evidence of bacteria transfer from the soap to the subjects' hands. Dirty soap can't clean itself, though. A contaminated bar of soap gets cleaned via the same mechanical action that helps clean you up when you wash your hands : good ol' fashioned scrubbing.

The friction from rubbing your hands against the soap, as well as the flushing action of running water, removes any harmful microorganisms from both your hands and the soap and sends them down the drain. That thing is called a snood. And it's there to let the other turkeys know that its owner is kind of a big deal. When a male turkey—known as a tom —wants to mate, he faces two hurdles. One is his potential mates, the female turkeys a. In the realm of turkey mating, the hens wield the power of choice and the toms have to get a hen's attention and win the opportunity to reproduce.

The second problem for a tom looking for love is the other toms in the area. This is where the snood comes in.


That goofy-looking piece of dangling flesh helps a tom both with choosy hens and with competition from rival males. Having a long snood almost always means that a hen will want to mate with him and that another tom will back down from a fight.

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Then they'll either fight, or one will flee. In the late s, Dr. Richard Buchholz , an animal behaviorist who focuses on turkeys, wanted to figure out which, if any, characteristics of a tom turkey could predict how they fare in dominance fights. That is, did bigger turkeys tend to win more scuffles? Did older ones? He also wanted to see if the turkeys used any of these predictive cues when sizing each other up. He looked at various characteristics of dominant toms that fight and win, and compared them to those of subordinate toms that lose fights or run from them.

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The dominant males, the ones who won fights and got a choice mate, had longer snoods. With that in mind, Buchholz looked at how toms reacted to other toms with snoods of varying sizes. In another study , Buchholz found that longer-snooded toms carried fewer parasites. In that study, hens showed a clear preference for toms with longer snoods. In another experiment years later, Buchholz found that healthy hens again showed a strong preference for long snoods and that hens with their own parasite problems were less picky about snood length and checked out more potential mates—perhaps, Buchholz thinks, because the hens recognized their own susceptibility to infection and were willing to invest more time searching for a tom with genes for parasite resistance that would complement their own—but still showed some preference for longer ones.

Have you got a Big Question you'd like us to answer? If so, let us know by emailing us at bigquestions mentalfloss. This Thanksgiving, families across the country will enjoy a traditional meal of turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes Discussions on the proper name for the orange starchy stuff on your table can get more heated than arguments about topping them with marshmallows.

But there's an easy way to tell the difference between sweet potatoes and yams: If you picked up the tuber from a typical American grocery store, it's probably a sweet potato. Sweet potato and yam aren't just different names for the same thing: The two produce items belong to their own separate botanical categories.

Sweet potatoes are members of the morning glory family. Regular potatoes like russets, meanwhile, are considered part of the nightshade family, which means that sweet potatoes aren't actually potatoes at all. Almost all of the foods most Americans think of as yams are really sweet potatoes. The root vegetable typically has brown or reddish skin with a starchy inside that's orange though it can also be white or purple. It's sold in most supermarkets in the country and used to make sweet potato fries, sweet potato pie, and the sweet potato casserole you have at Thanksgiving.

Yams are a different beast altogether. They are more closely related to lilies and grasses and mostly grow in tropical environments. To produce one inch of soil can take years.

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The study of soil is called pedology. Learn more about the world beneath our feet! In this science project, you will become an amateur pedologist and learn how to make the following soil characterization measurements:. Questions What is a soil horizon?

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  • What are the five factors that contribute to soil formation? Bibliography De Colstoun, Eric B. Soil Science Education. Soil Science Basics. Soil Characterization Protocol. Soil Science Resources. It's not as smart as you are, and it may occasionally give humorous, ridiculous, or even annoying results! Proceeds from the affiliate programs help support Science Buddies, a c 3 public charity, and keep our resources free for everyone. Our top priority is student learning. If you have any comments positive or negative related to purchases you've made for science projects from recommendations on our site, please let us know.

    Write to us at scibuddy sciencebuddies. How do the soil profiles compare between the different sites? What do they tell you about the differences in environmental history between sites? Soil Horizons. It is unlikely that large numbers of distinct horizons will be found in very young soils recently deposited, or close to bedrock , or very highly developed soils such as are found in tropical regions. More horizons are found in temperate climates under forest vegetation.

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    Dark colored soil is usually found at the surface, unless there has been intense leaching of organic material, such as in a coniferous forest, or deposition has occurred where new parent material has been deposited on top of a soil profile that was already developed. In general, soil texture is similar as you go deeper into the soil, with a gradual increase in clay.

    If there is a very sharp difference in texture such as a clayey soil over a very sandy soil this may also be an indication of a different parent material due to deposition. This may occur if you are in an area near a stream where flooding is common, or where human activity has disturbed the soil and fill has been added. Granular structure is generally found where there are many roots. Soils with high amounts of clay typically have blocky or massive structure. When soil has single-grained structure, the consistence is always loose and the texture is usually sand or other very sandy texture such as loamy sand.

    Testing for the bulk density of the soil can act as a check for the consistence since the denser the soil, the more firm the consistence will be. Bulk density should be lower when there are many roots in the soil that add pore space to the horizon. If free carbonates are present, the pH should be 7 or above since high amounts of calcium carbonate decrease the soil acidity and increase the pH.

    If you like this project, you might enjoy exploring these related careers: Soil Scientist Not all dirt is created equal. In fact, different types of soil can make a big difference in some very important areas of our society. A building constructed on sandy soil might collapse during an earthquake, and crops planted in soil that doesn't drain properly might become waterlogged and rot after a rainstorm. It is the job of a soil scientist to evaluate soil conditions and help farmers, builders, and environmentalists decide how best to take advantage of local soils.

    Read more Geoscientist Just as a doctor uses tools and techniques, like X-rays and stethoscopes, to look inside the human body, geoscientists explore deep inside a much bigger patient—planet Earth. Geoscientists seek to better understand our planet, and to discover natural resources, like water, minerals, and petroleum oil, which are used in everything from shoes, fabrics, roads, roofs, and lotions to fertilizers, food packaging, ink, and CD's.

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    The work of geoscientists affects everyone and everything. It's a lot more work, but you'll get a better look at the soil, and you'll probably be able to get deeper samples than with your homemade auger. Make sure you have permission to dig first. You'll also need to investigate ahead of time to make sure that there are no underground utilities e.

    If you want to perform further analyses of your soil samples, you should collect at least three samples from each soil horizon in sealable plastic bags. Mark each bag with the date, location, soil horizon, and depth from which it was collected. Here are some properties you can measure for your samples: bulk density, particle density, particle size distributions, pH, soil fertility N, P, K.

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