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Over their first six seasons in the park, the A's dominated the American League. If there was any doubt the dynasty had ended, A's teams finished last in the AL the next seven years in a row.

Mack launched a rebuilding program in the mids, and his effort became "The Second Dynasty", [91] which culminated in back-to-back-to-back AL pennants in , and The highs and lows of the A's were matched by those of the Phillies — except for most of the highs. Their Whiz Kids team did win a pennant — the first for a Philadelphia team in 19 years. The Phillies came close to doing it again — until the infamous " Phold ". On the other side of the spectrum, the team managed to set an enduring record, though: their losses-in-a-row mark from July 29—August 20 has yet to be bested.

Breaking Baseball's Color Barrier

In the very first game at Shibe Park, catcher Doc Powers of the Philadelphia Athletics is said by some to have suffered internal injuries after crashing into a wall to catch a foul pop-up. Powers did die two weeks later. The Athletics participated in seven World Series during their tenure at the stadium: , , , , , and , winning the Fall Classic in , , , , and The hometown fans got to witness the A's clinch world titles at Shibe Park in , and The Phillies participated in one World Series during their tenure at the stadium, in They were swept by the New York Yankees.

The game was hosted by the Athletics, and the game by the Phillies. The game was the second of three wartime All-Star Games that would be played at night. The American Leaguers won the game, 5—3. The All-Star Game had originally been awarded to the Phillies. However, the city of Detroit was celebrating the th anniversary of its founding in and requested to host the year's All-Star Game.

The game was moved to Briggs Stadium , [99] and the Phillies then hosted the Game. The home city was well represented on the All-Star teams. Phillies pitcher Curt Simmons started the game for the Nationals in front of the home crowd; Phillies shortstop Granny Hamner started and batted eighth; and A's pitcher Bobby Shantz pitched the fifth inning for the Americans and struck out Whitey Lockman , Jackie Robinson and Stan Musial in succession. It had rained all day, starting early in the morning and keeping both teams from pre-game warm ups. Rain delayed the first pitch by 20 minutes and eventually caused the game to be called after the fifth inning.

In September , the A's had the misfortune of being no-hit twice in just four days, at home in Shibe Park.

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On the 4th, Yankees hurler Sam Jones was just one walk away from a perfect game when he no-hit the A's; four days later on the 7th, it was Boston's Howard Ehmke who was likewise a lone BB away from perfection. It was the highest score in a single inning and the biggest comeback in World Series history. The day before, Boston manager Joe Cronin gave left fielder Ted Williams the option of sitting out the final two games, because his.

The ballpark was the site of some notable home run feats. On June 3, , Lou Gehrig hit four homers in one game. The Yanks prevailed, 25—2. Total: 13 round-trippers. The Yanks won both ends, 23—2 and 10—0.

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In later years, Dick Allen hit some booming drives over the roof of the double-decked bleachers, in the general direction of the Ruthian shot. He also cleared the big scoreboard in right-center field. Despite his hitting prowess, Allen was unpopular with the fans, and fellow long-ball hitter Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates joked that the reason Allen was booed at home was that he hit his long drives clear out of the stadium: "When he hits a homer, there's no souvenir. The single most famous home run hit at Shibe Park may be the one that stayed inside the park, in Game 4 of the World Series vs.

It landed behind him and rolled toward the center field corner, nearly feet from home plate. As Wilson tried to chase down the ball, Haas circled the bases.

The A's scored a total of 10 runs in that inning, and went on to defeat the Cubs in the Series. The Cleveland Buckeyes defeated the Homestead Grays , , on September 20, , to win game four and sweep the Series, four games to zero. The team's usual home field, at 44th and Parkside seated approximately 6, fans; the Stars were able to draw between 10, and 12, to Shibe Park. They often played double-headers on Monday nights which was a travel day for the major league clubs.


Former Stars player Gene Benson would later recall the team playing about twenty games per season at Shibe Park. The Stars would dress in the A's locker room. The National Football League 's Philadelphia Eagles moved to Shibe Park in and played their home games at the stadium through To accommodate football at Shibe Park during the winter, management set up stands in right field, parallel to Twentieth Street.

Some twenty feet high, these "east stands" had twenty-two rows of seats.

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The goalposts stood along the first base line and in left field. The uncovered east stands enlarged capacity of Shibe Park to over thirty-nine thousand, but the Eagles rarely drew more than twenty-five to thirty thousand. Franklin Field would seat over 60, for the Eagles whereas Connie Mack had a capacity of 39, Shibe scion Jack briefly tried his hand as a boxing promoter in the early s, shortly after his father built Shibe Park, [] and although he did not pursue the career, he did make the acquaintance of other promoters in the Philadelphia boxing world, including Bob Gunnis and Herman "Muggsy" Taylor.

Gunnis and Taylor became among the first promoters to book a bout into a major league baseball stadium when they brought Johnny Dundee vs. George Chaney to Shibe Park in July , and although the fight itself was unremarkable, the concept propelled Gunnis and Taylor to the forefront of their trade. Harry Blitman was said by sportswriters to be the best featherweight bout in the city's history. Even before the installation of the light towers in , staging night boxing was easy because of the vastly smaller area that needed to be lit —portable searchlights did the trick. In October , the US national soccer team played three international friendlies against the Israel national team.

Despite Twins' start, universal contentment hard to come by

The first game was played at the Polo Grounds and the last at Ebbets Field. The events were not always sports-related: the some-thousand seats were a good venue for political rallies. In , Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie came to Shibe for a speech and rally. Four years later , the man who beat Willkie, Franklin D.

151 Ways to Ruin a Baseball Game (English Edition by Carl Childress

Roosevelt , made one of his few public appearances at 21st and Lehigh; he won again. In , third-party Progressive candidate Henry A. Wallace made his nomination acceptance speech there.

source Promoters tried jazz concerts in , but the place was deemed "not intimate enough" for jazz. The stadium management's favorite visitors were the Jehovah's Witnesses , "because the Witnesses left the park immaculate. The Shibe Park turnstiles registered some 47 million [] clicks over 62 seasons of baseball. The Phillies were first to break the million mark for a season in with a team that was a "harbinger of the Whiz Kids. The largest single-day baseball crowd came on May 11, , when Jackie Robinson made his Philadelphia debut; the Phillies beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in both ends of their doubleheader that day as 41, looked on.

The Athletics' best single-day turnout was also for a doubleheader, with the Washington Senators , on August 3, , as the Second Dynasty team was closing in on its third AL pennant in a row; they swept both games before a crowd of 38,plus. Low-ebb seasons were the Phillies' turnout of , and the Athletics' turnout of , in , [] the year after Connie Mack sold off the stars from his pennant-winning team. Solis Tollin. That same day, while an evangelical revival group was setting up its tent, two stepbrothers, aged 9 and 12, sneaked into the park and started a small fire [] that grew into a 5-alarmer, burning through much of the original upper deck, collapsing the roof and leaving twisted steel supports visible from the streets.

The park remained that way for four years, slowly deteriorating and becoming increasingly hazardous. Squatters took up revolving residence, and trash and debris accumulated; small trees took root and flourished, while the once-manicured emerald turf became unruly knee-high stalks. Shibe Park's rooftop bleachers became one of the inspirations for a special seating area in Citizens Bank Park when it opened in Of their "Rooftop Bleacher Seats", the Phillies announced, "The Phillies are bringing back rooftop bleacher seats, a Shibe Park phenomenon of the s when residents of 20th Street built bleacher seats on top of their roofs.

The seats are located on top of the buildings along Ashburn Alley. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Philadelphia major league stadium from to ; known as Connie Mack Stadium from to Pennsylvania Historical Marker.